If you have ever played chess, then you can quickly pick this up. Check out Regimental 101 to learn how it works.

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Command your armies, and lead them to victory. Download the game on Steam now!

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Regimental Chess is a battle of chess pieces, moving in formations and capturing en masse. It is easy to learn.  You can study the rules (Regimental Chess 101), or, better yet, check out one or two strategy videos in Brigadier Bacon’s Strategies And Tactics. You’ll get the gist pretty quickly.

We have just released the computerized version of the game in Beta edition. This means we want your feedback and find out if there’s anything we missed. By all means, download the game for free and begin playing on one board, two, three or up to all six.  If you find a glitch, bug, error, mistake, or something doesn’t work, you don’t like the color of this or the size of that, we want your feedback.


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