Playing multiple boards

When the game is played on multiple boards, a Regimental Chess king is but one of many.  The king has his own army. He may have other kings to his left, kings to his right, or he might be entrusted to guard the flank. His enemies might attack him with a combined mass from all opposing divisions and press hard to surround him frontally and to either side. His enemies might try to overwhelm his infantry, bishops, horses, rooks and queens and sever any roads that would bring aid to his defense. He must hope his allies can reopen the road with arrive at his sector of the fighting with sufficient firepower to save him, or counterattack the opponent to ease the pressure.  He must fight in combination with his allies and for his allies and hope they do the same for him, for when a king falls, his army falls. A breach will open, a flank will become exposed, and the enemy will roll down the line.  For his own and others’ sake, that king must hold on with all his might.

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